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Do you own a fabulous chalet in La Clusaz?

If you have ever found yourself thinking any of the thoughts below, and have a great property in the La Clusaz area, which you already rent out, or are considering renting out for the first time, then we should be talking to each other. If you have the right property you could join The OVO Network and let us take care of the rest.

  • I want to cover the costs of keeping my holiday home running. 
  • I want to let someone else take over responsibility of sorting out who can book our holiday home and when. 
  • I value the importance of trust, and I want to be part of a trusted network who provide verification.  
  • I want to have someone on hand locally who can deal with problems as and when they crop up so that when I arrive on holiday with my family, the chalet is clean and warm, with beds made, and I actually get to have a holiday instead of spending all my time catching up with chores.
  • I enjoy knowing that someone else is enjoying the lovingly put together holiday home I have lavished love, attention and money on through the years, when I can’t be there. 
  • I would like to rent out my property, I just don’t really have the language skills to be able to deal with anything other than English-speaking renters.
  • I don’t have the time or the inclination to set up a small business, but would like to rent out my property.
  • I would love to set up an online business but just don’t have a clue where to start!  
  • I already have a property/properties I rent out in the area, I just need help keeping up to date with how rental properties are successfully marketed online these days, and don’t have time to keep on top of this myself.
  • I want to increase the number of holiday rentals I achieve each year whilst at the same time increasing the rent I can charge.
  • I want to make some serious money back on my investment.
  • I want to earn money from my property while I am trying to sell it.

If you would like further information, check out our website for new owners. It provides useful tools such as a rental calculator and fee details. Also read reviews from our current owners, and find the answers to any questions you may have in the FAQ section. You can also meet the team and learn more about the OVO Network.

Send us your contact details and we’ll be in touch. You too could soon be enjoying all the benefits of being an OVO network member.

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